A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Rebecca George

Continuing Studies Instructor


BFA, 1993, Maryland Institute College of Art; MS, 2007 Spertus Institute; MFA, 2011, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Concurrent position: Founder/Director of The Art House. Exhibitions: Woman Made Gallery, Chicago; First Street Gallery, New York, The Art House, Chicago, Arts on Elston Gallery, Chicago. Publications: Chicago Sun-Times, Le Femmes Folles Anthology 2015, Parallel Planets, Gapers Block. 

Experience at SAIC

The artists who study with me keep me centered on what is of essential importance: I must continually walk the talk of prolific activity and self-liberation in the studio in order to empower others to do it with my teaching. To quote an ancient Eastern saying: "The teacher and the taught together create the teaching."

Personal Statement

Current work spans large scale and intimate formats, in painting, drawing and printmaking. The content of this work examines an array of underlying issues pertaining to the body and relationship/isolation: impermanence, the imprint of loss, the evolution of identity and the temporary nature of form. The language of the figure is expanded to incorporate exposure of the Pentimento in painting—the process of repentance and change. The work often reveals the decisions of adding multiples of one figure to communicate a dialogue of gestures: twisting, bending, disconnected, uneasy—the body hit with an unforgiving light, broken into incomplete shapes, wrapped in cloth and shadow.

The image/symbol of the body represents the inner conflict inherent to the limitations of an existence as form and the body as a vessel: storing injuries and loss, recording experience and growing heavy with the burden of past.



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