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Eddie Rosa Fuentes



Education: BSc, 2012, Biology (Wildlife Management), University of Puerto Rico, Humacao; MDiv, 2016, Liberation and Postcolonial Thought, McCormick Theological Seminary; ThM, 2019, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC); PhD in Theology (ongoing), LSTC. Publications: "Pulse and the Closet: Frameworks for an Eschatological Discourse." Currents in Theology and Mission; "Re-Evaluation of Lifespan in a Neotropical Orchid: An Eleven Year Survey." Lankesteriana, (co-authored with Raymond L. Tremblay); En Conjunto Scholarship,Hispanic Theological Initiative Scholar; William Gilbert and Florence Leonard Jones Scholarship; Jesse Halsey Award for Imagination in Preaching, Isabella Blackstone Award in Church History, James W. Angell Award for Preaching with the Congregation, McCormick Theological Seminary.


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Sexuality is just one part of who we are as complex human beings living interrelated lives in society. This course will provide a basic overview of the study of human sexuality covering diverse approaches to the study of sexualities and desire, while focusing on an understanding of human sexualities as socially constructed, culturally regulated and an important part of the organization of our social world. This course will emphasize a critical gender studies approach, feminist understandings of sexualities, and queer theory. Focusing on lived experience, attention will also be paid to connections between sexualities and other social locators, such as race, ethnicity, gender, and ability/disability. Some of the scholars we will study in this course include prominent figures in sexuality studies and queer theory (Freud, Kinsey, Foucault, Sedgwick, Butler, Warner, Rubin), queer of color critiques (Ferguson, Munoz, Caruthers), and scholarly articles which address the intersections of sexuality with race, gender, ability/disability, and ethnicity (Sommerville, Garcia, Ward, Callis, McRuer, etc.). Course work will vary but typically includes weekly discussion boards, journal style reading responses, reading quizzes, a midterm, and a final finished art piece related to course material.

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