SAIC Faculty, Alums, and Students Contribute to Quarantine Times

Launched by the Public Media Institute (PMI), Lumpen Magazine, and Lumpen Radio (WLPN 105.5fm), The Quarantine Times spotlights the different ways Chicago's artists are responding to the pandemic. Editors include several alums and faculty, and the magazine has spotlighted the work of faculty, students, and alums.

Alex Chitty, an associate professor, adj., in the Printmedia department, is on the board for Co-Prosperity Sphere, which is tied to PMI, and she helped to curate a piece for the magazine, "Broom School," by student Korey Martin. Speaking of the magazine, Chitty said, "It's a really good example of how artists are problem solvers and how the SAIC community is so deeply entangled within the many corners of Chicago."

Founders of the project are working to raise funds to provide financial support to one featured artist per day, for the duration of the pandemic. Upon the completion of the project, all contributions to the site will be compiled in a publication.