SAIC Student Annabelle Sigmond Selected as a Costume Institute Finalist

SAIC Student Annabelle Sigmond has been selected as one of ten finalists for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2020 Costume Institute College Fashion Design Competition. This year’s competition centered on the exhibition About Time: Fashion and Duration. The exhibition focused on how clothing exists at a place where the past, present, and future overlap, and students were asked to design a piece "expressive of fashion as an acutely accurate and especially sensitive timepiece."

A senior in the Fiber and Material Studies department, Sigmond made her winning design in SAIC's Supply and Surplus class. "This piece is inspired by mold currently growing within the remains of the Chernobyl reactor," Sigmond said. "The severe radiation caused this strange black mold to grow, but the more it grows, the more it consumes the toxic radiation that created it and heals the area. I made a garment so that one could embody this relationship of growth and decay and made a comic to tell its story in more depth."

Due to the pandemic, the Met will not be hosting its annual College Night. As a result, a winner and runner-up will be chosen online.