Peng Zuqiang (MFA 2017), still from "Inauguration," work in progress

MacDowell Colony Fellowships Awarded to SAIC Alums and Faculty

Jennifer Reeder (MFA 1996), Peng Zuqiang (MFA 2017), and Assistant Professor Thorsten Trimpop (Film, Video, New Media, and Animation) were awarded fellowships for the MacDowell Colony's upcoming winter and spring residency program in Peterborough, New Hampshire, reports Artforum.

“At a time where societies feel imperiled and the news cycle endless, providing time and space in a pastoral setting is a vital opportunity for creative spirits to risk and experiment with new ideas,” said executive director Philip Himberg. “More than ever, the work of MacDowell feels urgent, and our hope is that the plays, novels, music, and visual art that is born, in part, in Peterborough, finds amplification across the globe. Art informs us and transforms us.”