Tom Palazzolo's Clark Street

Recently featured in the Chicago Tribune, Tom Palazzolo (DIP 1962, BFA 1965, MFA 1965) was spotlighted for his newly released book of photographs titled, Clark Street. The article explains how Palazzolo’s book explores the Clark Street of the 1960s and 70s. The Clark Street explored in the book is much different than the present location we know today. “It was a beaten-up boulevard and home to a cast of characters trying to scrape by and survive”, the article describes. “On Clark Street he discovered places and people that grabbed his artist’s eye and intensity, and with his cameras, a Rollei twin lens reflex camera and a 35mm Pentax, he captured much of what he saw and many who he met over the next decade.”  Palazzolo’s work not only showcases the gritty realism found in urban landscape but human intimacy as well, resulting in a haunting series of portraiture.