Jason Boulware

Jason Boulware Is a Recipient of the Self, Virtue & Public Life Initiative

Each year at the University of Oklahoma, the Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing awards research teams grants to examine the science of civic virtue. The Self, Virtue and Public Life Initiative funds $190,000 to interdisciplinary researchers and this year’s recipients include Jason Boulware (MFA 2016), lecturer in Film, Video, and New Media, and Animation. In collaboration with Anne Henly and Howard Nusbaum of the Center for Practical Wisdom at the University of Chicago, Boulware will “investigate effects of the Social Practices film course on SAIC students’ notions of civility, compassion, fairness, and wisdom.”

In an article by the Wisdom Center, Boulware’s course will investigate the effects of the prison industrial complex by engaging students with incarcerated youth at the Illinois Youth Center. The collaboration between Nusbaum, Henly, and Boulware aims to strengthen social justice, learning, artistic practice, and societal change through public discourse, film, and community engagement.