Nia Easley

SAIC Alum Nia Easley Explores History of Avondale's Black Settlers

SAIC alum Nia Easley (BFA 2006, MFA 2018) was recently featured in Block Club Chicago discussing her project researching the history of an area within Avondale historically known as the Dawson subdivision, which was once a Black settlement founded in the late 1870s. “It was a revelation that this community existed there, and I hope that by sharing that knowledge, others can feel more connected to that part of the city,” the artist said. Easley leads free, one-hour tours around the Dawson subdivision as part of a project with Chicago based-arts organization, Threewalls. Easley sees the tours as walking as an artistic practice. She is interested in “ideas around belonging...and the many stories that can be found in a place.” says the artist. “It’s hold this space and acknowledge that these people were here”.