Katherine Bernhardt at her Brooklyn studio in June 2019. Photo: Dina Litovsky

Katherine Bernhardt Profiled in GQ

Katherine Bernhardt (BFA 1997) was profiled in the article "Paint It Loud" in GQ.  The article details Bernhardt's creative practice and journey, which took her from SAIC to New York, where she is currently based. In 2001, Bernhardt received praise from Jerry Saltz (SAIC 1970–75, HON 2008) in the Village Voice, when he said “She's a natural, even if I can't say exactly what kind of natural that is.” At the time, the artist was painting images of fashion models, all based directly on photos from magazines. The article goes on to detail how her practice and life changed after a trip to Morocco when Bernhardt began painting large-scale loose renderings of Moroccan carpet designs, as well as making collages that incorporated actual fabrics."The paintings are unabashedly fun and proudly illogical, fast and silly yet executed with thoughtful, painterly chops. And in 2019, Bernhardt is at the top of her game, beloved by her fellow artists and coveted by private collectors and museums alike," says the publication. 

Of her own work, Bernhardt says, "“I guess that's my aesthetic: raw, stained, messy, using-your-hand-in-it art."