The B_Line Inspired by SAIC Alum Ricardo Alonzo

Chicago's Hubbard Street Murals, begun in the 1970s by SAIC alum Ricardo Alonzo (BFA 1970), were recently featured on WGN-TV news. Lavar Hoard is founder of the B_Line, an organization which curates the creation of new street art in Chicago's Fulton Market corridor. The murals, which run along Hubbard Street near Halsted Street, began as a community-focused project. "There was a lot of racial tension in the city, but you had black artists painting next to latino artists and white artists," says Hoard. The B_Line's goal, which currently has about 250 murals including some by SAIC alums, is described by Hoard as, "Our goal is to do justice to the first street art district in this country, and to show a lot of different forms of art and to show how far street art has come in 50 years."