Jacob Hashimoto's (BFA 1996) sculpture in Willis Tower lobby

Willis Tower's Lobby Features New Work by Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto's (BFA 1996) latest installation, In the Heart of this Infinite Particle of Galactic Dust, 2019, welcomes visitors to Chicago's Willis Tower, reports Curbed Chicago. The 7,000 individual disks suspended from the ceiling hang in the skyscraper's Wacker Drive lobby, creating a 42-foot wide cloud-like sculpture. SAIC faculty Cortney Lederer's (MA 2009, Arts Administration and Policy) CNL Projects worked with EQ Office/Willis Tower as art consultant to commission Hashimoto's work.

“This was both a thrilling and challenging installation because I wanted to create a piece that speaks to the people who work in Willis Tower, as well as the countless people who visit this landmark every day,” said Hashimoto to Curbed Chicago. Hashimoto's sculpture will be a permanent fixture in the building's lobby, which is open to the public.