Roger Brown, Ablaze and Ajar, 1972 Oil on canvas. Courtesy "New York Times"

New York Times Maps Major American Artists in Whitney Biennial

In the recent New York Times article, "Mapping the Whitney Biennial," the publication traces the history of the biennial through the residences of its participating artists. While this year's biennial features a majority of artists who are women, and are racially and ethnically diverse, the majority of artists are still centered around New York City. The article gives a historic view of artist residences in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago from the 1930s–1970s. "Chicago’s presence in the Whitney show has been steady and mostly low-key," says the publication. The article notes that in the 2014 biennial, there were 17 Chicago artists in addition to two of the three curators, one of whom was Professor Michelle Grabner (Painting and Drawing). The map of Chicago points out parts of the city where artists like Christina Ramberg (BFA 1968, MFA 1973), Roger Brown (BFA 1968, MFA 1970), and Barbara Rossi (MFA 1970) lived. The article describes the Chicago vibe, which crystallized in the mid-1960s with the Hairy Who, as "independent, a bit grass-roots, a bit defiant of the New York scene and its tendencies."