"Cows on Parade" in Chicago in 1999, including a couple on Michigan Avenue, a LaSalle Bank Marathon cow, "Nine Spotted Lady Bug Cow" on the side of the Talbot Hotel, the Chicago Film Festival cow and "Rhinestone Cowgirl." (Tribune photos)

The Cows Are Coming Home

Chicago's famous Cows on Parade, artistically embellished cow statues that first appeared on the city's streets and plazas in 1999, have returned this summer as part of the project Cows Come Home, reports the Chicago Tribune. The project was initially conceived as a canvas for local artists, like Lecturer Edra Soto (MFA 2000, Contemporary Practices), who was then still a student at SAIC.

Cows Come Home is an installation during the month of July, which will put around 20 of the original cows on display in Jane Byrne Park by the Water Tower. “It worked. If we could figure out how to do this more often the city would be a better place,” says Peter Hanig who inspired Chicago's cow project after witnessing a cow art parade in Zurich, Switzerland.