"Pizza Parade" Courtesy of the artist

Alberto Aguilar: Living Life like a Work of Art

Artist, alum, and Lecturer Alberto Aguilar (BFA 1997, MFA 2001, Contemporary Practices) frequently merges the domestic space with the artistic. Opening at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Gallery 400 is his first large-scale survey, moves on human scale, incorporates household objects that exhilarate glee out of the mundane nature of everyday life. In a recent interview with the Chicago Reader, Aguilar mused on how his life is completely intertwined with art making, "I think that art is a way to document things as they take place, within even my personal history." Aguilar frequently collaborates in his residence with his family to see the beauty that inhabits life outside a run-of-the-mill art studio. The article also touches upon Aguilar's time at SAIC and how his teaching practice often melds with his artistic one. Speaking of his decision to return to the School to pursue an MFA, Aguilar says, "I just wanted to come back to a bigger city. I loved my time at SAIC, and I think that the two years away made me realize how much I loved it." moves on human scale runs from April 26 through June 15.