Gregg Bordowitz. Photo: Justin Bettman

Gregg Bordowitz's Exhibit, I Wanna Be Well, Featured in Chicago Magazine

Professor and Director of SAIC's Low-Residency MFA Program, conceptual artist Gregg Bordowitz's upcoming exhibition, I Wanna Be Well,  at the Art Institute of Chicago was featured in Chicago magazine, the Windy City Times, and Newcity. The exhibition, which is the first comprehensive exhibition of the artist's 30-year body of work, examines AIDS and identity through various media—videos, sculptures, drawings, essays, and poems. The topic is close to home for Bordowitz. At the age of 23, he was diagnosed with HIV and was an active member within New York's AIDS movement including Testing the Limits, an advocacy group within ACT UP, and DIVA (Damn Interfering Video Activists). “As an artist, I feel it’s my job to produce moments of productive confusion, to give people the opportunity to question their shared assumptions about the worldIt’s my job to produce instances when the audience doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry,” he says to Chicago magazine.

In the Windy City Times article, Bordowitz said, "People in museums and galleries need to be addressed and educated just as much as people in community centers and other public entities." The exhibit, which will also include a special collection of Bordowitz's library, runs from April 4 through July 14 at the Art Institute of Chicago. The Newcity review notes that "the curators see Bordowitz’s legacy occupying the gray area between the museum and the rally, even though they are sure he’s hesitant about naming his impact on queer history."