Tyson Reeder's Painting for T Magazine

Scott and Tyson Reeder Imagine What Happens in Five Books

Associate Professors in Painting and Drawing, brothers, and artists Scott and Tyson Reeder were recently asked by T: The New York Times Style Magazine to envision what happens on page 76 in five of the season's most anticipated books. Tyson imagined imagery for The Far Field, a novel by Madhuri Vijay; An Orchestra of Minorities, a novel by Chigozie Obioma; and Where Reasons End, a novel by Yiyun Li. An excerpt from Li's novel reads, "a handmade print of a purple penguin with a bowler hat," with a penguin clearly visible in his depiction. Scott created images for what he thought happens in Oculus, a book of poems by Sally Wen Mao and Territory of Light, a novel by Yuko Tsushima. For Tsushima's novel he depicted two floating balloons wearing sunglasses. An excerpt from that novel reads, "Balloons, pinwheels, yo-yos all glistened warmly in the light of the strings of naked bulbs." See all of their depictions and read more about the books at the website of T: The New York Times Style Magazine.