SAIC Faculty Featured in Newcity's Designed Objects Issue

Two SAIC professors were recently interviewed for the December 2018 issue of Newcity magazine for their Designed Objects issue. Nine designers chose nine other influential designers making waves in the design world. Assistant Professor of Fashion Design Abigail Glaum-Lathbury (BFA 2006) was interviewed by Martin Kastner and Assistant Professor of Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects (AIADO) Pete Oyler was interviewed by Steven Haulenbeek (MDes 2006).

Newcity’s December issue collaborated with Rick Valicenti and his team at Thirst Studio. Thirst asked designers they had featured in the last two years to choose a designer to feature and interview. “An important component of my work has to do with publishing the patterns and process for my garments as open source documents,” Glaum-Lathbury told Kastner. “The shift toward making the work available for free to anyone who wishes to make it for themselves has me now thinking about ways to generate a kind of Internet clothes, or participatory design by algorithm.” Pete Oyler who designs traditional and experimental products and furniture chatted with Steven Haulenbeek about his commitment to hands-on making. “I like having a connection to the materials I design with—it allows me to understand limits, parameters, and possibilities.” Designers interviewed by SAIC alums include Michael Savona who was interviewed by AIADO Associate Professor Tim Parsons and AIADO Lecturer Jessica Charlesworth. Neil Zuleta was nominated by SAIC Board of Governors member Holly Hunt and interviewed by Anna Mort (BFA 2014). TJ O’Keefe was interviewed by Sung Jang (BFA 2000).