Rosellen Brown Speaks with Newcity and WTTW about Her New Book

Rosellen Brown’s latest novel The Lake on Fire was the subject of an interview in Newcity and WTTW's Chicago Tonight. Her first historical epic, the novel is set in Chicago during the Gilded Age. 

In the course of the interview, Brown’s work is praised for the “delicacy and beauty” of her sentences, her treatment of social themes—inequity in general, and specifically the oft-ignored, persistent poverty that surrounded the celebration of the Columbian Exposition. In response to a question, Brown emphasizes how the same problems remain despite some details having changed over time. She maintains that some things have not changed at all: “desperate need hasn’t, nor have attentive people stopped searching for ways to live honest and useful lives.” Through her work, Brown humanizes those for whom “The American Dream is not within easy grasp."