Tania Bruguera's Intervention at the Tate Modern

Tania Bruguera’s (MFA 2001, HON 2016) exhibition at the Tate Modern, 10,143,210, is a show that grows and shifts in response to the international refugee crisis. Bruguera’s most recent intervention on October 23, took over the museum’s Turbine Hall; plastering the floor with posters from photographer Shahidul Alam’s Crossfire series. The photos portray killings committed by the Bangladeshi police force. Bruguera hopes to draw attention to Alam’s history, significance, and current imprisonment by the Bangladeshi government. Sofia Karim, his niece and key voice in Alam's campaign for release, spoke with Hyperallergic and said that her uncle would enjoy Bruguera’s work, “I love the fact that the seemingly rarefied spaces of one of the world’s leading art galleries became the site for such a spontaneous, un-precious, but engaging and interactive show.”

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