Art and Technology Studies department participating in Ars Elecontrica, 2018

Disruptive Generation: Art & Technology Studies at Ars Electronica 2018

The Art & Technology Studies department is participating in the prestigious international festival Ars Electronica with a selection of work by recent graduate students. Disruptive Generation is curated by Duncan Bass and showcases new work by Ziv Ze’ev Cohen, GREYMAR (Igraine Grey + Jonatan Martinez), Changyeob (C.Y.) Ok, Santiago X, and Li Yao.

Exposing foundational structures of nature and society, from the monumental to the immaterial, the works assembled in Disruptive Generation question the role of technology in constructing and mediating these realities as well as its capacity to undermine or transcend them. Each of these projects highlights the relationship between archetype and prototype, disrupting the cultural and computational systems that dictate our contemporary experiences in order to render space for alternative futures.

The first of its type in the United States, SAIC’S Art & Technology Studies department was established in 1969 with the introduction of a single course operating at the intersection of art, science, and technology. Since its inception, the program has continually pioneered the use of emerging technologies in contemporary art, developed new models of artistic practice and integrated these models into the curriculum of one of the world’s most influential art and design schools.

Since 1979, the Ars Electronica festival has been realized in Linz, Austria. Attended by more than one hundred thousand people, Ars Electronica is the most important venue in the field of Art & Technology.