Photo courtesy of Grace Duval

Mark Jeffery and Judd Morrissey Cross the Queer Threshold between the Physical and Virtual

VoyageChicago has interviewed Mark Jeffery, associate professor in the Performance department, and Judd Morrissey, assistant professor in the Art and Technology Studies, Writing, and Performance departments. Jeffery and Morrissey met in 2002 and later founded the Anatomical Theaters of Mixed Reality (ATOM-r) in 2012. Their work with ATOM-r “attempts to construct a theatrical space of visual poetics operating as a threshold between the physical and virtual”, inspired by 16th century medical amphitheaters, reports Voyage Chicago. ATOM-r’s practice lays particular importance on bringing creative voices together and how they all can learn from one another in “research of the life” surrounding “queer histories of figures known and forgotten, to look at the strangeness and the surreal, to code personal narratives and to create highly visual landscapes that appear over time in the live performance space as well as in the exhibitions” Jeffery told Voyage.

Visit the VoyageChicago online piece to read more about Jeffery’s and Morrissey’s history, past work, ATOM-r’s recent performances, and other artistic inspirations to their practice.