Jesse Ball's Newest Novel Is One of the Best Books of 2018

Esquire magazine has released their “The Best Books of 2018 (So Far)” list. Jesse Ball, professor in the Writing department at the School, has been recognized for his newest novel, Census. It follows the tale of a relationship between father and son as they travel across a dystopian nation. The father, who is dying, decides to become a census taker in order spend more time with his son. Esquire states, “Some books resonate more deeply than others; they don’t merely reflect the world we’re presented with, but instead they refashioned it, even warp it, revealing essential truths. Ball’s poignant dedication to his late older brother Adam, who had Down syndrome, adds yet another layer of complexity to this surreal and powerful story.” To read more about Census and the hit novels of 2018, so far, read Esquire's online piece.