Nuance and Powerful Statements: A Review of Dimensions of Citizenship

Curbed reviewed the US Pavilion's exhibition, Dimensions of Citizenshipat the Venice Architectural Biennale calling it "a masterstroke."

Thrival Geographies (In My Mind I See a Line) by Associate Professor Andres Hernandez (MA 2004) and Amanda Williams, in collaboration with Shani Crowe is described as "a powerful statement of intent." Exhibition curator and Assistant Professor Ann Lui mentioned how Thrivial Geographies (In My Mind I See a Line) "points to the fact that there should be a pivot from just surviving to actually thriving." Jeanne Gang's (HON 2013) Stone Stories, made out of stones from the Mississippi River landing looks at the historical implications of citizenship and race, with its effort "to accentuate the diversity of stone types that exist in the landing, and in turn reflect the diversity of stories of the people who have walked and stood on it."

The review observes how the exhibition did not name the US President while addressing citizenship and "encompassed a level of nuance that not only greatly surpasses the rhetoric of the 'presidential tweets' mentioned in the exhibition’s introductory panel, but made them almost irrelevant."