Photo Courtesy of Chloe Foussianes

Artforum Features an Evening with Gregg Bordowitz at the New Museum

Gregg Bordowitz, professor and director of the Low-Residency MFA program at SAIC, has been featured in Artforum’s May issue. Writer Morgan Bassichis attended a three-night performance by Bordowitz, Some Styles of Masculinity, part of the New Museum's exhibition Trigger: Gender as a Tool and a Weapon. For the performance, Bordowitz invented The Benjamin Zev Show, a television variety program in which the artist sang, danced, and ad-libbed as his persona, Zev, “to unpack tropes of Jewish masculinity,” reports Artforum. On stage with an makeshift library of relevant literature, Bordowitz’s performance was an exercise in the history and contradictions of his Jewishness. The article highlights, “There is an athleticism to Bordowitz. He is a masterful improviser, and it’s galvanizing to watch him think out loud in public. He is our spirited and ecumencial guide to ‘the worldwide reading group’ of the weekly Torah portion and its applications.” The full description of the evening with Gregg Bordowitz is available through online and print subscription to Artforum.