Nick Cave to Install Dance Hall on Park Avenue

This summer, from June 7 to July 1, Nick Cave, Stephanie and Bill Sick Professor of Fashion, Body and Garment, will transform Park Avenue Armory’s Wade Thompson Drill Hall into a carnivalesque dance party.

According to the Art Newspaper, Cave's installation, titled The Let Go, will “provide a safe haven for viewers to speak their minds with their bodies, to reflect on how politics are pushing us to a cultural boil and to explore how we can work through our frustrations in ways that are healthy,” the artist says. “For me, dance has always been that saviour.”

A 40-foot-tall kinetic installation, called Chase, will be constructed of Mylar curtains suspended from the ceiling and "stream down like Tina Turner’s dress,” Cave says. Evoking the ideals Studio 54 as both safe haven and liberation, it'll be constructed of symbolic colors: black and silver, evoking ideas of social class and “bling-bling," while, blue, and black, to reference the ominous presence of police.

The Armory will also host performances with Cave's Soundsuits, and feature live music and DJ sets with public and community organizations during the day.