KT Hawbaker Pens SITE Write-up for Chicago Tribune

An SAIC alum writing about SAIC gallery events featuring SAIC artists: How meta is that?

Between the Real and Utopia, the current exhibit up at SAIC's SITE Sharp gallery, revolves around four smaller projects, and has been organized to ask, "what's possible right now given our constraints, and what would it look to try to see past the reality we're stuck in?" says Jameson Paige (Dual MA 2018), the show's curator in a recent article in the Chicago Tribune written by SAIC alum KT Hawbaker (MA 2017). On the show's opening night, one-off performance pieces were juxtaposed with artwork and ephemera. Each week showcases another specific work—all in the name of highlighting “utopia’s reverberation back into the real.” Included in the lineup are Marcela Torres (MFA 2017), Michelle Murphy (MFA 2017), Mev Luna (MFA 2017), Michael Vincent Pusey, and ⊖ (Misael Soto (MFA 2018) and Willy Smart (MFA 2016)).