Congratulations, F Newsmagazine

F Newsmagazine, SAIC’s student-run publication, received numerous accolades in the 2016–17 Pinnacle College Media Awards. The national contest, organized by College Media Association is dedicated to spotlighting the best of college journalism. SAIC recognizes the hard work of F Newsmagazine’s writing and editorial staff, who made possible the following achievements:

  • Best Newspaper Sports Page/Spread, First Place: "Living Alai," Yen-Kai Huang, April 2017 
  • Best Infographic: First Place: "How To Get Hired," Priyoshi Kapur, May 2017 
  • Best Newspaper News Page/Spread, First Place: "#NotMyPresident," Priyoshi Kapur, March 2017
  • Best Newspaper Entertainment Page/Spread, First Place: "Degrassi for President", Priyoshi Kapur, March 2017 
  • Best Magazine Contents Page/Spread, First Place: "The Lineup," Sevy Perez/Sacha Lusk, April 2017 
  • Best Magazine News Page/Spread, First Place: "Activism on Ice," Sevy Perez/Sacha Lusk, March 2017 
  • Best Magazine Feature Page/Spread, Honorable Mention: "Kunstschule," Zach Cooper, November 2016 
  • Best Newspaper Nameplate, Third Place: F Newsmagazine staff
  • Best Newspaper Photo Page/Spread, Honorable Mention: "Bacon, Eggs, and Instagram," Sevy Perez, November 2016 
  • Best Magazine Sports Page/Spread, Second Place: "Offensive Line," Priyoshi Kapur, April 2017 
  • Best Comic Strip, Third Place: "Kevin," Rohan P. McDonald, May/April/March 

You can find the award-winning designs in the back issues at F Newsmagazine.