Lori Talley Considers the Future of Virtual Reality

Alum Lori Talley (MFA 1998), who currently serves as the Vice President and Director of Digital Production at branding agency Cramer-Krasselt, weighed in on the marketing potential of Virtual Reality (VR) in a recent interview with Forbes magazine. She says, “VR is going to change how consumers spend leisure time, how they learn, how they shop and how they interact with each other—and with brands.”

Cramer-Krasselt is at the forefront in adopting the technology, with Talley at the helm of CK’s innovation lab, but she believes the real expansion of the medium will be the result of both corporations and civilians. She speculates that YouTube stars may soon become VR stars and states, “What we know is that those stars, whether agency creatives or hobbyists, will be inspired through firsthand experience. That’s the intention behind CK’s lab, and that’s the next step for all of us: Getting our own glimpse of the new world.”