Yuge Zhou Makes Midtown Aflutter

Yuge Zhou (MFA 2015) emigrated to New York from Beijing intending to study computer science. After a change of course brought her to SAIC, she's projecting her views of America's landscape.


Midtown Flutter, Zhou's entry for ArtPrize Nine, is located on Grand Rapids Art Museum's second floor, and features a projection map of midtown Manhattan exploring the interactions of people with their environment. It's a take on synchronization—how individuals within a group influence one another's behavioral patterns. In addition to a top 20 public vote placement from ArtPrize, Midtown Flutter has also been shortlisted for the 2017 Lumen Prize

Of viewing her work, which in itself is a meditation on viewing, Zhou says that "when you walk into the gallery, it’s kind of an uncanny appearance and seduces you to look closer and see what is going on.”