Architecture, Cooking, the Sunday Times: Gillion Carrara Off-Duty

Gillion Carrara, Director of the Fashion Resource Center, recently sat down with Chicago Woman for the magazine's Soulful Sunday series. Intended to showcase what the lives of successful Windy City women look like off-duty, Carrara's profile is notable for her admittance that work and life inevitably intersect:

"I rarely find balance, although I am aware of its value...I believe moving from one endeavor to another in the same specter is more interesting...such as reviewing images for a power point lecture, then marking paragraphs in publications to explain the situation," she says.

Carrara, who serves on the board of the Costume Colloquium in Florence and is also a member of the International Committee of Museums and the Costume Society of America, still finds time to travel to see architecture and exhibitions. She also takes in poetry and several publications, and enjoys cooking on Sundays. Head over to read the rest of the interview.