Anne Elizabeth Moore Talks Bodies With Chicago Magazine

SAIC lecturer Anne Elizabeth Moore recently discussed her forthcoming book, Body Horror: Capitalism, Fear, Misogyny, Jokes, with Chicago. The short interview linked Moore's early life with her current modes of cultural criticism, which includes discussions of autoimmune diseases and the garment industry. Though this work delves often delves into humanity's darkest corners, Moore believes in using humor as a way of coping with her subject material.

"I spent years living among communities that have suffered mass killings, from the reservation in South Dakota where I was born, to Cambodia, where I spent seven years reporting on genocide survivors," she says. "Among these people, the one constant is that they’ve developed a sense of humor about it. Outsiders are like, 'Whoa, you did not just joke about eating peoplewhen talking about the Khmer Rouge.' Once you’re around it enough, that’s how you deal."