SAIC Community Members Dominate Newcity's Design 50 Issue

Newcity recently released its 2017 "Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago" featuring the designers, curators, organizers, and educators who majorly influence the design scene of Chicago with many SAIC community members making the list.

Alumni include Theaster Gates (HON 2014), Zurich Esposito (MS 1995), Morlen Sinoway (BFA 1976), Angelique Power (MFA 1998) and Andrea Reynders (BFA 1971, Fashion Design).

Faculty include Tanner Woodford (Visual Communication Design), Zoe Ryan (Art History, Theory, and Criticism), Jonathan Solomon (Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects), Iker Gil (Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Designed Objects), and the recipient of the 2011 Legends of Fashion Award, Ikram Goldman.

Newcity says of this collection of exceptional individuals, “The curators, organizers, educators, critics and thinkers who lead Chicago’s design scene, who provide the outlets and channels for practitioners to create and be acknowledged, who ensure there’s still space for substance to weigh the airless culture down, who keep those frames in place, those windows clean, and the vision for a better designed tomorrow clear.”  See the whole list at Newcity