Andres Hernandez Inspires Creative Activism Through New CPS Art Program

Art Education faculty member Andres Hernandez (MA 2004) is filling his sabbatical as the first-ever resident artist of the Museum Contemporary Art's new SPACE—School Partnership for Art and Civic Engagement—program. In conjunction with Chicago Public Schools (CPS), Hernandez works directly with Curie Metropolitan High School students as a way of mitigating the draining effects of budget cuts and hopes to inspire a sense of "creative activism" through his teaching. 

recent DNAinfo Chicago profile noted that Curie students frequently used their art projects as a way of addressing pervasive gun violence, inspiring Hernandez to implement discussions of police brutality and systemic racism. He said, "My hope is that the things I bring: my work and the things I'm teaching, open up peoples' ideas about what art is and what art could be."