Graphic Novelist and Alum Emil Ferris Talks to Entertainment Weekly

SAIC alum Emil Ferris (BFA 2008) encountered a unique problem when the Panamanian government seized all print copies of her graphic novel while on their way to the United States. The books were aboard a freighter owned by the recently bankrupt Hanjin shipping company when they were stopped and held for more than a month. The cargo has since been freed and is back on its way to the United States.

The writer, who was already recovering from paralysis after contracting West Nile virus, is now more resilient than ever. “This is what happens to us in life but we have to figure out how the dark thing is going to make the light brighter” she said to Entertainment Weekly.

The book titled My Favorite Thing is Monsters depicts the journey of a 10-year-old girl who investigates the murder of her holocaust survivor neighbor and is Ferris’ debut graphic novel. Originally intended to be available in October, the sale date has been pushed back to February of 2017 as a result of this obstacle. Ferris, however, won’t rest until the books are in the readers’ hands.