SAIC Alum Tania Brugera Featured on ArtNet

An ArtNet article titled “10 Disruptors Who Are Completely Changing the Art World” discusses SAIC Alum Tania Brugera’s impact on the art world through activism. In 2015 Brugera was arrested in Cuba after her performance piece featuring a 100-hour public reading of Hannah Arendt’s book The Origins of Totalitarianism, which criticizes the major 20th century totalitarian regimes. Since then, the Cuban artist who earned her MFA from SAIC in 2001 has gone on to receive major critical success for her bravery and creativity in her performance works. Her work has earned her worldwide recognition and a spot in the canon of artistic activism.

Recently she has taken to social media platforms Youtube and Instagram to spread her message. In a satirical performance video uploaded on October 14 titled “huo announcement,” Brugera nominates herself for as candidate for the 2018 Cuban elections in order to change what she calls a “culture of apathy.”

ArtNet applauds the artist for her bravery and commitment to provoking change in state censorship, concluding that “Without artists like Bruguera repeatedly putting themselves in the line of fire, who will?”