Alumni Help Victims of Trauma Through Art Therapy

Jordan Ferranto (MA 2015) and Brittlyn Riley-Meade (MA 2011) recently talked with the Columbia Chronicle about the overwhelming benefits of art therapy for those who have experienced trauma. Riley-Meade, who is an art therapist at Art Therapy Chicago Studio, explains, “It is important for survivors to feel like they are in control of how they choose to talk or express [their experiences], especially in a situation where they may have been powerless.” She believes that art can be an ample substitute for words. Ferranto, who works as an art therapist and general counselor at Rape Victim Advocates, told the Chronicle, “The reason why counseling and therapy are so important is because survivors can come here and be met with [someone saying], ‘This is not your fault.’” Outside of general counseling, Ferranto helps clients work through their trauma by hosting a knitting workshop called Reclaiming Your Body and an open studio workshop called Making Matters as a part of Rape Victims Advocates, 180 N. Michigan Ave.