Yoko Ono Unveils New Work in Jackson Park

Yoko Ono (HON 1997) revealed her new public sculpture Skylanding in Jackson Park this October, along with a sister piece titled Mended Petal in the Art Institute’s Pritzker Garden. Artnet explains, “Ono, a native of Japan, explores the themes of peace and reconciliation within her work, and this recent project is no exception.” Skylanding, which consists of 12-foot-tall steel petals protruding from the ground, is intended to represent a blossoming lotus. As CBS Chicago explains, “The artist and activist said Sky Landing symbolizes the sky and earth meeting, creating a future of peace and harmony.” The sculpture was unveiled in the Garden of the Phoenix after a ceremony featuring music by contemporary Chicago Jazz musician and alumni Tatsuyuki Aoki (BFA 1983, MFA 1985.) Aoki and his Miyumi Project band have also released an album titled “Skylanding: Music of Yoko Ono by the Miyumi Project” in collaboration with Ono to accompany the public work. To learn more about Tatsuyuki Aoki and the Miyumi Project and to stream the album visit Chicago Tribune