Complex Highlights SAIC Alum’s Fashion Line

SAIC alum Tony Liu (BFA 2007) came to design his menswear clothing line out of necessity: after graduating from SAIC, he was living on his own, on a budget, and he needed clothing that would last. You As was launched to offer clothing that can be worn for years, trends be damned.

“It’s about taking those classic pieces and updating them a little bit so they’re current,” he says. “I really want these clothes to be worn beyond a season or two.”

In a story on Complex, Tony went on to say, “I’m a child of immigrant parents, so clothing for me was always this exploration of identity and how to express outwardly something that I feel inside. It’s not something that’s superficial or surface value. It’s something that’s very empowering. It’s about the aspiration–you can be this. You as this, you as that–whether it’s something that you are or that you want to be.”