SAIC Students Talk City’s Drag Scene in Chicago Reader

In August, the Chicago Reader published an article on Chicago’s Black drag queens. The piece was written by SAIC graduate student KT Hawkbaker-Krohn (MA 2017) who profiled SAIC undergraduate and drag performer Itunuoluwa Ebijimi (BFA 2018).

Ebijimi, who performs under the name “Petty Crocker” spoke about her experiences as a cisgender woman who performs drag as a means of “caricaturing the impossible expectations of femininity and masculinity and blurring them.”

In the article, Ebijimi discusses how drag relates to art making: “There’s something about creating your image. Drag is so interdisciplinary—it’s got fashion, performance, photography, and sculpture.”

The article, titled “Chicago’s black drag queens are upholding a radical gender blending tradition” and the photo essay that accompanies it can be read online at the Chicago Reader.