A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Fast Company Goes Inside the "Bizarre" World of Glitch Art

Fastcolabs.com, a division of Fast Company, included an interview with SAIC alums and faculty members Nick Briz (MFA 2011) and Paul Hertz (MFA 1985) this summer. The article focuses on glitch art, the new media art that "lays out defects—glitches—in a given computer system onto a visual campus," writes Tina Amirtha. Chicago has been a hub for this artistic movement with Briz, Hertz, and SAIC FVNMA Chair Jon Cates among those leading the way, and which is currently featured in an exhibition at the Ukrainian Institute of Art called glitChicago, curated by Hertz. According to Fastcolabs, Cates "coined the term Chicago Dirty New Media, a catch-all term that describes how digital tech can elevate an experience. Even if a glitch artist doesn’t physically hail from the Windy City, she might attribute her style to Chicago’s Dirty New Media." "The process is more important than the result," says Briz. “There’s all kinds of things that can happen when you use technology the wrong way."