A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

EAGER Grant Recipients Announced

The Earl and Brenda Shapiro Center for Research and Collaboration and the Office of the Provost are pleased to announce the student recipients of this year’s Early Concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) grants and the 2014–15 Shapiro Graduate Research Fellows. EAGER grants are research grants for students to explore emerging art and design topics.

Congratulations to the winning EAGER grant groups and research fellows:


  • Brannon Dorsey
  • Edin Cook
  • Noah Coleman
  • Drew Anderson
  • Chris Baker (faculty)

Kibio is an open-source media player and video mapping software toolkit currently under active development by students and faculty in the openLab at SAIC. It allows students to explore ideas of mobility and outdoor/indoor multi-surfaced 3D spaces when working with video projection and will be introduced into SAIC core and high school classrooms.

Geographies of Secrecy

  • Alison Reilly
  • Matthew Coleman
  • Michael Golec (faculty)

Reilly and Coleman’s research focuses on the treatment of the American West, primarily the belief that the emptiness and remoteness of the West is purely perception. Their work will combine site visits to nuclear power plants, military storage facilities, and data server farms with analysis of photographs, maps, and military records to reveal underlying geographies of secrecy.


  • Hayley Jenkins
  • Keith Goad
  • Michelle Alletto
  • Anne Sullivan (faculty)

The HistRe team will research and develop a model to rehabilitate North Lawndale's historic building stock in order to provide affordable housing and skills training to its residents.

Hair Club

  • Suzanne Gold
  • Kelly Lloyd
  • Michal Lynn Schumate
  • Terry Kapsalis (faculty)

Hair Club is an exploration of the multifaceted topic of hair in our wider culture. Uniting making, writing, and research, Hair Club will investigate hair myths, exploring the topic through events, discussion, and ongoing collaboration.

I Love Lucy (Lippard)

  • Kyle Riley
  • George William Price
  • David Ayala-Alfonso
  • David Getsy (faculty)

I Love Lucy (Lippard) research examines post-1960s curatorial methods and exhibition histories. The project analyzes early curatorial attempts to embody the new art movements from conceptualism to the present, and their impact upon the displacement of exhibitions.

Textile Technology Research Group

  • Isaac Facio
  • Sasha De Koninck
  • Melissa Leandro
  • Joyce Safe Lee
  • Victoria Kim
  • Christine Tarkowski (faculty)

The Textile Technology Research Group will investigate outsourced industrial textile processes at the TextielLab in Tilburg, the Netherlands by developing large-scale prototypes based on woven and knitted structures at this unique facility, while at the same time building an open-source database that documents their work for the SAIC community to use.

Queering Mixed-Reality Collective

  • Luis Mejico
  • Cairns Smith
  • Jake Vogds
  • Mark Jeffery
  • Judd Morrissey (faculty)

The Queering Mixed-Reality Collective will create a year-long discussion surrounding queer technology, augmented reality, digital identity, and queering mixed-realities between the physical and virtual.

Shapiro Graduate Research Fellows

The Shapiro Center Graduate Research Fellow is an award for the academic program to encourage research culture at every level of the school and to help involve graduate students develops community. The Shapiro Center Research Fellow is a new model for providing intellectual and financial support to graduate students while also creating opportunities for mentorship and professional development in research based art practices.

Fellows are incoming graduate students of exceptionally high caliber who demonstrate prior research experience or expertise in their admissions application. The Shapiro Center Graduate Research Fellow are:

Matthew Mehlan, Master of Arts in Arts Administration and Policy
Mentor: Shawn Decker

Katelyn Barbaria, Master of Architecture with an Emphasis in Interior Architecture
Mentor: Anders Nereim

David Gabriele, Master of Arts, Visual Communication Design
Mentor: Adelheid Mers

Rita Crocker, Master Arts in Art Therapy
Mentor: Karyn Sandlos

Jarad Solomon, Master of Arts in Art and Technology Studies
Mentor: Chris Baker