A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

37 SAIC Artists Included in Newcity's Biennial Art 50 List

Cultural weekly, Newcity, published its biennial list of the top 50 influential artists in Chicago and SAIC was well represented on the list with 37 artists with strong ties to our community. The list celebrates the accomplishments of Chicago-based artists from all practices, as well as reads like a who’s who of under-the-radar artists.

Coming in at number one is Theaster Gates, this year’s Bill and Stephanie Sick Visiting Artist, followed by Michelle Grabner, faculty member (Painting and Drawing) and co-curator of this year’s Whitney Biennial, and alum Chris Ware (1991–93). Also included in the top 10 are Jason Lazarus (faculty, Photography), alum Jim Nutt (BFA 1967), and Laurie Jo Reynolds (MFA 2000) and Temporary Services whose projects are featured in SAIC’s A Proximity of Consciousness exhibition going on now at Sullivan Gallery.

Following is a list of artists from our community who are included on the Art 50 list. Read about all of the artists on Newcity’s Art 50 list. Art 50 was written by Jason Foumberg (MA 2006), Matt Morris, Kate Sierzputowski, Anastasia Karpova Tinari, Maria Girgenti, Erin Toale, Abraham Ritchie, Collin Pressler, and B. David Zarley.


1. Theaster Gates, Bill and Stephanie Sick Visiting Artist

2. Michelle Grabner, faculty, Painting and Drawing

3. Chris Ware, alum (1991–93)

5. Laurie Jo Reynolds, alum, (MFA 2000), Tamms Year Ten, A Proximity of Consciousness

6. Jason Lazarus, faculty, Photography

9. Temporary Services, Publishing Clearing House, A Proximity of Consciousness

10. Jim Nutt, alum (BFA 1967)

11. Nick Cave, faculty, Fashion

12. Gladys Nilsson, alum (MFA 1967)

13. Tony Tasset, alum (MFA 1985)

14. Michael Rakowitz, Every Weapon Is a Tool If You Hold It Right, A Proximity of Consciousness

15. Anne Wilson, faculty, Fiber and Material Studies

16. William J. O’Brien, faculty, Ceramics

17. Karl Wirsum, faculty, Painting and Drawing

20. Dan Peterman, Morgan Shoal, A Proximity of Consciousness

21. Richard Rezac, faculty, Painting and Drawing

23. Jon Cates, Chair, Film, Video, New Media, and Animation

25. Jason Salavon, alum (1997)

27. Brandon Alvendia, alum (BFA 2003)

28. LaToya Ruby Frazier, faculty, Photography

30. Riva Lehrer, faculty, Painting and Drawing

32. Richard Hunt, alum (BA 1957)

33. Alberto Aguilar, alum (BFA 1997)

34. Lou Mallozzi, faculty, Sound

35. Jennifer Reeder, A Million Miles Away, SAIC Conversations at the Edge Fall 2014

36. Judy Ledgerwood, alum (MFA 1984)

37. David Hartt, faculty, Photography

38. José Lerma, faculty, Painting and Drawing

39. Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle (MFA 1985), A Proximity of Consciousness

40. Kelly Kaczynski, faculty, Sculpture

42. Elijah Burgher, faculty, Contemporary Practices, Painting and Drawing

43. Kay Rosen, faculty, Painting and Drawing

44. Industry of the Ordinary creators, alumni Mathew Wilson (MFA 1993) and Adam Brooks (MFA 1989)

45. Tom Burtonwood, faculty, Contemporary Practices, Arts Administration and Policy, New Arts Journalism, Sculpture

48. Carol Jackson, faculty, Contemporary Practices

49. Jan Tichy, faculty, Photography