A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Works of SAIC Performance Students Highlighted in the New York Times

SAIC Performance students are receiving a lot of attention from the New York Times, with performances by alumni Marissa Perel (MFA 2011) and Jillian Peña (MFA 2006), and current student Michal Samama (MFA 2015) covered by the Gray Lady within the past month. Perel's performance, More Than Just a Piece of Sky at New York's Chocolate Factory Theatre was highlighted in the article, A Cross-Dresser Turned Inside Out, while Peña's piece Polly Pocket: Expansion Pack at Danspace was featured in Mirror Images Replicating in a Self-Contained Realm. New York Times readers can learn about Samama's performance of her evening-length piece Background Materials (also at the Chocolate Factory Theatre) in the story, In Twists and Turns, She Uncovers Herself and the Noisy World Around Her.