A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

SAIC and its Community Well-Represented in Newcity's "Best of Chicago"

The Art Institute of Chicago, SAIC, and its faculty, staff and alumni were well represented on Newcity's 2014 Best of Chicago list, with the SAIC highlighted for "Best new strides taken for gender inclusivity in art school" for the efforts initiated by the League of Extraordinary Genders. The Art Institute of Chicago was lauded for best exhibition design for Magritte: Mystery of the Ordinary, while the Gene Siskel Film Center won accolades for best film festival and was also mentioned for the upcoming showing of The Homestretch. Assistant Director of the Sharp Instructional Shops, Susan Frame's Handsome Squid was voted best underground cafe, which supports a safe space for LGBT people in Haiti, which also provides art resources. Alum Vincent Uribe's (BFA and BA 2013) LVL3 was voted Best Gallery to people watch, Huijun June Li's (BFA 2014) portfolio the Best SAIC collection at THE WALK, while Olivia Coran (BFA 2010) and Matthew Steinbrecher (BFA 2014) were mentioned as having the best apartment gallery. Alum Laurie Jo Reynolds (MFA 2000) “Tamms Year Ten” project was voted best art project to effect change in the criminal justice system. Chair of Department for Art History, Theory, and Criticism David Getsy was mentioned for advocating queer theory in art, Painting and Drawing faculty and alum Dana DeGuilio (BFA 2001, MFA 2007) for her petulant and profound art intervention, and Michelle Grabner (Painting and Drawing) for storming the New York art scene at the Whitney Biennial.