A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Alum and Up-and-Coming Fashion Designer Featured in the Huffington Post

SAIC alum Vincent Tiley (MFA 2013) was recently interviewed in the Huffington Post as a part of its series on up–and–coming queer designers in contemporary fashion. The Q & A covers a range of topics, including of how he got his start in textile art; collaborating with Chicago friend and drag persona, Pearl; his goal as a queer designer; his participation in Art Basel; and his 24-hour performance piece.

Tiley’s body suits are both sculptural and painterly, fusing the worlds of fine art and fashion design by reinventing the notion of what is “body conscious,” blurring the lines of where the body ends and the gallery begins. From runway to gallery, his work creates a “new skin” for the wearer, pushing the norm of queer design. He states, “I also try to think what making a subversively queer garment might mean. Does it mean that there is going to be a third sleeve? Or maybe the wearer won't be able to move? It's not just about doing what others have done to making getting dressed a queer act of rebellion, but about how to put that spirit in the garment.”