A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

The Chicago Tribune features SAIC's Deepening of Intersections Between Art and Science

The Chicago Tribune featured SAIC’s noteworthy efforts to enrich curricular connections between art and science. The Tribune highlighted SAIC’s scientist-in-residence program, which, in conjunction with courses in math and science, deepens discussions of the abstract ideas that exist in subjects such as physics or complex mathematical theory. These abstract ideas become deeply relevant to students’ visual practices and current modes of thinking.

The Tribune also featured SAIC’s collaboration with the University of Chicago’s Arts, Science & Culture Initiative, which pairs graduate students in the arts at SAIC with graduate students in the sciences at the University of Chicago. "In fact, the scientists work very much like the artists. They probe around; they make mistakes… I think what both these disciplines are finding with each other is that research is this magic dance between linear, logical discovery and beautiful accident, spontaneity and intuition," says Rebecca Duclos, Dean of Graduate Studies.

Image from article: Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune
Pictured: Mathematician Eugenia Cheng, SAIC’s second Scientist-in-Residence