A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

SAIC Student Recognized for His Innovative Design Concepts

Second-year Designed Objects student, Jay Hyun Kim (MDes 2016), has designs on integrating functionality, beauty, and sustainability into our daily lives. He often translates traditional materials into eye-catching, purposeful objects, and in September he won the 2015 World Bamboo Design Competition’s $10,000 Grand Prize for his Bamboo Tri-jogger. He also won a Red Dot Award for his Puristick design concept—a decorative smartphone speaker made from bamboo charcoal sticks, a material that absorbs dust and odors and purifies the air. Kim says, “I have been fascinated about materials that are traditional and novel. Materials take a significant role in design…I believe that it is important to understand materials properties, applications, and histories because they entail their own languages and wisdoms. Recently he entered the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab Competition with a rolling mobile robot that sterilizes surfaces and cleans the air around children. Naturally, it’s called the NannyRoll.

Image: Jay Hyun Kim (MDes 2016), Bamboo Tri-jogger, 2015