A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

SAIC Fashion Seniors Featured in RedEye

Chicago Tribune's RedEye asked six SAIC seniors in the Department of Fashion Design what trends to expect this winter and what you can find in their closets. RedEye reports that studying fashion in Chicago as opposed to New York or Los Angeles is unique in that it offers a community separate from a specific scene. Noa Loewald Hu (BFA 2016), a Brooklyn native, explains that at SAIC, “You’re focused on what your vision of fashion is—not what everyone else’s vision is.”

Anke Loh, an Associate Professor and the Sage Foundation Chair of the department, says that the diversity is her favorite part of working for the School. In addition to Hu, students featured in the two-page spread include Allison Shaftel (BFA 2016), Jacob Shanbrom (BFA 2016), Jungna Nana Park (BFA 2016), Jack Alexander (BFA 2016), and Eda Yorulmazoglu (BFA 2016).

“We are such a community within SAIC,” Loh says. “We are our own entity in the city. We’re reaching out into the community with different classes. It’s really a melting pot.”

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