A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

Ellen Sandor and (art)n Exhibition Opens at National Arts Club

Member of SAIC’s Board of Governors and alum Ellen Sandor's (MFA 1975, HON 2014) architecturally themed PHSCologram sculptures created with (art)n Laboratory, Inc., are on exhibition at the National Arts Club in New York City. The exhibition, titled Deconstruction in the Virtual World: Building Peace by Piece opened November 2 and runs through November 14.

Sandor’s work with (art)n in this exhibition “bridges the physical attempts at Virtual Reality of the past (such as Renaissance perspective drawings) to the completely computer generated imagery of today. Through the examination and deconstruction of architectural icons in Starchitects Revisited to the unrealized plans of Bruce Goff and Antoni Gaudí alongside a nod to the future in Townhouse Revisited, the exhibition constitutes a subtle plea for peace, while Holocaust in Memorium recognizes the sacredness of the human experience,” according to the National Arts Club website.

Sandor formed (art)n, a collaborative group of artists, in 1983. The National Arts Club was founded in 1898 by author and poet Charles De Kay, the literary and art critic for The New York Times. Today it hosts both members-only and public events honoring exemplary leaders in their chosen fields of art as well as exhibitions, theatrical and musical performances, lectures and readings.