A wide shot of a ceramics studio, featuring students working with pottery wheels and other tools.

SAIC 2015 New Arts Journalism Publication Available at BFA Show Reception

Limited copies of Intersecting Inquiries, produced by the SAIC 2015 New Arts Journalism course Publication Incubator, will be available at the upcoming BFA show reception on November 21. Publication Incubator is an interdisciplinary class envisioned and funded by the Earl and Brenda Shapiro Center for Research and Collaboration. Intersecting Inquiries is a publication that strives to uncover the spectrum of creative research practices within an urban art school. Included are essays by Denise Bennett (MAAH, MA 2015), Jae Blackmon (MA 2015), Kelly Humrichouser (MS 2015), Jacelyn Kee (MA 2016), Troy Douglas Pieper (MA 2015), Kyle Riley (MAAH, MA 2015), Amie Soudien (MA 2016), and Daniel Woody (MA 2016). An excerpt from the book can be found here.